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Product Review: Cling On Brushes!

Now as you can imagine I've got a lot of paint brushes! You've probably heard quite a lot about these babies since they arrived in the UK but are they as good as people say?

Designed by veteran painter Frank Michielsen.
Handmade in Holland.
17 brushes in current UK range including round, oval, flat, angled and short-handled.
Bristles made by DuPont.
Stainless steel ferrule.
Beech wood handles.

They offer superior paint application for all paints;
They give a smooth, brush stroke free finish;
ZERO shedding (yep, you read correctly);
Easy clean-up, rinse the brush a little and hang brush’s ‘feet’ in water. The special coating on the bristles ensures that any remaining paint will fall from them!

No large brushes in the UK at the current time.
NB: block brushes available in the Netherlands but not here yet.
I’d like more brushes with shorter handles.
The brush keeper is quite large.
They are relatively expensive but then the old adage of you get what you pay for springs to mind.

TIP: If you don’t own the brush keeper, do what I do and use a large hair claw or bulldog clip to attach the brush to the side of a tall-ish pot with a little water in the bottom.

I have many, many brushes and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these brushes are my absolute favourites.
The S50 (shorty) is my go-to for blending.
If you've only got the budget for one brush I would definitely buy a Cling On.

This is a totally unbiased review, I don't sell these brushes or are affiliated with them in any way.

Want to buy one? You can get them at www. I buy mine from my gorgeous friend, Claire, at

Mr Pumpkin Bleu if you are reading this, then I’d love the aforementioned brush keeper for my birthday or a Dewalt multi-tool. Did I mention that I love you very much? xx

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