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New Q&A Feature - Pump-kin Me for Information!

Dear Julia,
How do you decide on the look for a piece of furniture? I’m completely bewildered by what to do and my head is buzzing with ideas!

Dear #confused,

Good question. In the first instance, I would let the furniture guide you.

For example, what is the style/type of furniture? MCM, farmhouse, rustic, heavily carved, simple, antique or french, etc?

Now take a look at the condition - I usually do this whilst prepping it - is it made from beautiful solid wood or veneer? Is it in need of repairs or perhaps it just has scratches and gouges.

Now you’ve made a note of this information you can put together some ideas.

For example, if you have:

A heavily carved piece, then think about dry brushing, glazing or waxing.

MCM furniture looks great with a sleek, contemporary finish or create a geometric pattern using frog tape or a stencil. I would suggest non-chalk, self-levelling paint for this look.

A heavily scratched or gouged piece. Use this to your advantage and go for a distressed finish and highlight the damage as part of the look. Alternatively, think about adding texture as it hides a multitude of sins.

If you are lucky enough to have a solid wood piece in great condition then my advice would be to consider part-painting it. Perhaps leave the top and drawers bare (or stain them a different colour to match the piece) and paint the carcass. Not only is this a great look, it saves paint and time!

Do you have a very simple (dare I say dull) item? Then think about embellishing with mouldings and/or using a layered or blended look to add more depth and patina.

FINALLY, please remember that it is only paint. If you make a mistake then keep going until you are happy with it or paint over it!

Julia x

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