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5 IOS Apps I use in my Furniture Artistry Business

As you can imagine, I use LOTS of apps on my iPhone / iPad to save me time in my business.  I rarely use the desktop anymore unless I'm having a paperwork day (groan).

Here are 5 of my favourites (in no particular order):

This is the photo editing app that I use most often when editing my staging photos.  You can fix blemishes, perspective, crop, brighten and lots, lots more.  A word of warning though ... I find that if I make too many edits then my photos get a slight pink tinge so make sure you get the best shot you can before editing.

I use this fab little app to store my hashtag lists.  I have different ones depending upon the Instagram content I'm posting.  I can copy all and it automatically adds the five dots to the first comment too.  You can also do something call a Split Test whereby it will use only some of the hashtags from he list you select so that it can show you which hashtags are getting you noticed and which are not.  It also shows you the top 100 hashtags for that day.  

Until a short time ago, I didn't even know apps like this existed (duh).  Ever get miffed when you are followed and then unfollowed on Instagram but you don't know by whom?  Well, once you have linked your IG account, it allows you to see who has unfollowed you, who your new followers are, who are not following you back and who you are not following back.  You can pay to see additional information such as who is blocking you and who has deleted your comments and likes, etc.  However, I'm not that paranoid! I use it a couple of times per month and then unfollow accordingly.

I use this app for ALL of my social media posts.  In a nutshell, it is a simplified graphic-design app.  You DO NOT need to be graphic designer to use it.  Just pick the platform you want to post to (eg. Instagram) and it will show you all the  available templates or you can select a blank one to create your own unique design.  Everything is editable .... layout, photos, graphics, text, colours, etc.

You do not need a monthly subscription to use this app.  However, I do pay as I want access to the premium photos, templates and most importantly my own brand kit.  This is where I store my fonts/brand colours so they are always available when I'm creating posts. The subscription also means that I can resize any post to another format; eg. Instagram Post to Facebook Post.  It saves me lots of time faffing although I will say that the resized designs rarely look as good as the original due to the ratio changes (eg. from a square to a rectangle) but they are good enough.

This is an unsual app but I love it and use it all the time for deciding upon colours for a piece of furniture.  Simply, it enables you to upload a photo that you wish to use for inspiration.  You can then click on a few or all of the colours within that image to create your own palette.  Genius!

 I'd love to hear the names of the apps you rate and why.

J x

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