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Get the Look!

Welcome to Get the Look!

Here I’ll go through the products and processes used on this side table so you can recreate it on a piece of your own furniture.

This pretty little table was kindly given to me by a friend but was in bad condition. So much so that I needed to remove the damaged veneer on the top. I therefore needed a textured look in order to disguise it.

You will need:
A small piece of furniture
Water and a scrubby
Damp cloth
Three brushes
Frenchic Sugar Puff
Frenchic Wedding Cake
Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue
Hairdryer (optional)
Clear wax and brush, cloth or sponge
Dark wax and brush, cloth or sponge
Gold gilding wax (I used Rub ’n Buff)

Step 1
Prep your piece by thoroughly cleaning it and giving it a light sand (keying). Wipe away sanding dust with a slightly damp cloth and allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 2
Using the mid tone of your three colours (in this case, Frenchic Sugar Puff), paint all over the table using a cross-hatch technique to build texture. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you are aiming for full coverage. Let dry. Repeat if necessary (I didn’t).

Step 3
Now pour a little of your lighter and darker colours onto paper plates and get two textured brushes.
Dip the tips of each brush into one of the colours and stipple them both at the same time (dab them up and down vertically onto the top) sometimes over-lapping the colours, sometimes not, to create texture and a beautiful rustic look. Ensure that you allow some of the base coat (Frenchic Sugar Puff) to show. Allow to dry. This may take longer than normal as the paint will be quite thick. To speed up the drying process, you can use a hairdryer and if the paint is really thick you may get some cracks which will add to the look.

Step 4
Protect with clear wax and allow to dry and then buff before adding dark wax all over. When dry, buff.

Step 5
Using your fingers and a light touch, highlight the details with Gold Rub ’n Buff or your chosen gilding wax colour choice.

Step 6
Ta dah! Take a stunning photo and post everywhere.

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